Wednesday 28 October 2020
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Tips To Enhance Call Center Customer Experience

Tips To Enhance Call Center Customer Experience

Inbound and outbound call centers around the world serve thousands of businesses and offer 24×7 customer support. Ultimately it all about understanding and meeting customer needs. Excellent customer experience is a preprequisite for all contact centers, regardless of the industry they serve.

Below you will find a few important tips that can help achieve enhanced customer experience in call centers.

Use CRM Tool to Build Customer Persona

Customer Relationship Management systems used in call centers can be used to create and develop customer personas. Callers often become customers. Because of this, agents need to be able to understand background of the callers. This will help the agents address the caller’s issue in the most suitable way.

Cutomer profiles can vary drastically. Agents may have to deal with customers that belong to differnet age groups, economic profiles, certain demographics. By utilizing the power of Genesys tech support service for call centers or by deploying virtual Genesys support engineer, contact center support can increase the overall productivity.

Identify Customer Journey Stage

Not all callers have similar needs or situations. Some of them are first-time callers enquiring about a product, while others are existing customers that reach out about a product or service-related issue.

For example, a customer who needs a product problem resolved will not like to hear about upcoming promotions and ongoing discounts. By using CRM software, such as Genesys solutions offered by MiraTech, agents will be able to identify the exact stage of the customer journey, and then handle the situation accordingly. This will certainly help to improve customer relationships.

Understand Customer Priorities and Deliver Accordingly

Not every caller has the same priorities. Some want their issue to be resolved instantaneously, while others want a systematic approach in everything.

The first caller type may appreciate a quick solution without bothering much about procedures. While those who are systematic will appreciate a ticket-based step by step solution with tracking option. Agents should be able to identify customer priorities and handle the situation accordingly, while at the same time adhering to company policies.

Make Things Faster and Easier

Nowadays everyone is jostled by the time and this is true about callers as well. Everyone prefers a quick solution. Because of this, call centers may need to use the latest VoIP technologies and IVR solutions. That way the callers will be able to find answers to some of their questions even when all agents are busy. The latest call center software also comes with provision for automated callbacks.

Take Customer Feedback

The importance of customer feedback cannot be ignored, because improving customer experience is a necessity. Customer feedback will help understand where improvements are needed and what needs to be done. Post-call surveys and email-based surveys are some of the tools that can be used for that.