Friday 25 September 2020
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The Many Services Offered for Outsourced Calling Needs

The Many Services Offered for Outsourced Calling Needs

You run a serious company, but your call volumes have recently started causing trouble with your employees and lowering your revenue. For many small businesses experiencing rapid growth, the ability to keep up with increased calls can become difficult. First, a company must consider whether or not to keep call handling inside the company. Then, managers must decide how much they can budget toward their company’s needs and how to effectively delegate the work to employees.

However, in-house options quickly accumulate to thousands lost each year due to salary, benefit packages, and more. To reduce costs without simultaneously reducing quality, you must consider outsourcing your call handling. A number of services are available to help you create a tailored package best suited to your needs.

Virtual Receptionists

Companies such as Message Direct offer reliable and cost-effective virtual receptionists trained to handle the most complex requirements. Many similar companies have been in the industry for well over two decades, and quality services are among their biggest products. In the years following its creation, virtual reception services have evolved due to technological changes, providing a high-value service throughout the year to ensure businesses such as yours find the greatest success.

Today, you need to hire a virtual receptionist company that offers a high standard of service without exception. These companies hire real people and base their call centre in the UK, meaning you never need to worry about people from outside the UK handling your clients. No matter where you are located in the UK, such services allow you to utilise efficient and highly professional virtual receptionist services as a business tool. With real, UK based people on the other side of the phone, you can rest easy knowing your clients receive the utmost client care without exception.

Message Taking

Though you may strive to be constantly available for your clients, you cannot avoid inopportune circumstances that prevent you from diligently maintaining contact. For example, you may need to fly overseas to an important business seminar or take a trip to a factory on the other side of the UK. While in the air, you are unlikely to be able to reach your clients, and vice versa, making message taking services a must.

Each company using this type of service is different, and the right companies go out of their way to ensure you receive your messages in the most convenient way for you and your team. When you subscribe to message taking services, you may choose from a number of message delivery options. For example, you may regularly keep your business phone on hand for an emergency, making SMS text messaging your best option. If you have an entire team that needs to see important messages at once, you are likely to benefit from an email.

No matter your unique business situation, the right companies work around your needs to create an efficient working environment.

Emergency Response

Few businesses gain success by sticking to a set number of hours during which clients can call. Since a store location cannot always stay open every hour of the day, you may miss an important call after hours. For this reason, some companies offer a 24-hour emergency response service designed to help you quickly and effectively answer your important calls as per your instructions.

In short, some clients are too highly valued and should not be forced to wait until the next business day for their message to go through. Instead, such a service should allow you to quickly receive the message and then contact the client.

Emergency response services also help you to immediately and efficiently stop a crisis before the issue damages a client’s service or your business. For example, you may provide plumbing services around Bristol. After you take the necessary time to fix a leak in the client’s home, you likely will leave and go on with your day.

However, you and the homeowner do not know that an additional leak is hidden out of sight, so the damaged pipe proceeds to flood the entire living room floor. Emergency response services allow the client to call your company outside of business hours and quickly escalate the call straight to you or one of your team leaders.


Though several companies hire in-house secretaries, they can also become overwhelmed with call volumes during the year’s busy seasons. In a few cases, companies only need call handling services during specific months to accommodate an influx of clients. For example, many companies provide a service all year long but receive a large increase in clientele during the holidays or the summer, depending on the services offered. During the busy months, you should consider overflow call handling services.

If the employees are already too busy to take an incoming call, you need to ensure that a potential client is not lost. With the right services, you are guaranteed that a highly trained individual will answer each and every call made to your office, because he or she is dedicated to the success of your business. This alone can add thousands to your bottom line over the course of a year.

Furthermore, many companies simply do not have the staffing to handle the number of calls they receive during any given work day. For example, several smaller businesses only have a handful of employees and cannot afford to put everyone at the phones to catch calls as they come in. Instead, they can save money with this service while never once sacrificing quality. This straightforward solution offered at a cost-effective rate will ensure your team can always stay on task during peak periods of high volume.

If you just need the call services when your regular receptionist is attending a business meeting or sick, you cannot afford to go without the help. Many businesses are made or broken due to their client care, and a big part of providing quality service is expert call handling. If you bring a company dedicated to their clients on board, you can dramatically increase your sales over the course of the year while saving money in the long run.