Wednesday 28 October 2020
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Do Security Cameras Pose a Threat to Your Privacy?

Do Security Cameras Pose a Threat to Your Privacy?

Security cameras are the most common surveillance devices. These devices monitor everything that happens in front of them. If these cameras are correctly installed, an entire property can be monitored with our without the presence of an expert technician. But do these security cameras pose a threat to the owner’s privacy?

The answer to that question can be both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. This is because it depends on the security measures taken to hide and protect the network of security cameras. Almost all security cameras, even the ones from big companies like Hikvision – Chinese brand, are installed on a network, be it LAN or a remote accessible network. The security of these cameras depends upon how secure this network is.

If the network is secure enough, the security cameras pose no threat to the user’s privacy as the user is the one who checks and monitors these security cameras. But if there is a security breach in the network, the entire camera feed is up for grabs by the attacker. In that case, the security cameras may pose a grave threat to the privacy of the user.

Here are a few ways in which you can make sure that security cameras don’t pose a threat to your privacy in any way:

  1. Keep Security Cameras on a Separate and Secure Network:

If security cameras are kept on secure network that is separate from your normal network, you can be assured that the vulnerabilities of your other network won’t affect the security of your cameras. The user’s privacy would remain intact as he or she will be the only one with access to this network.

  1. Purchase Only Branded Security Cameras:

Local security cameras might save you a few bucks, but they come with enormous amount of vulnerabilities. If you want utmost security, you should go with branded security cameras only. These companies know about all the vulnerabilities and keep releasing security patches to get rid of the problems.

  1. Keep Your Security Camera Software Up to Date:

If the software of your security camera is up to date, you can be assured that there is no way any attacker can breach your security feed and threat your privacy. Therefore, keep your security camera up to date.

Security cameras are not a threat to your privacy as they protect your privacy from potential malicious attackers and intruders.