Thursday 3 December 2020
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Can You Create A Website From Scratch For Your Business? Find Here!

Can You Create A Website From Scratch For Your Business? Find Here!

Small businesses and new companies often have a hard time with finances, and while having a website is necessary, most such businesses don’t have the required budget to hire a developer. If you need to build website for your company, you are probably wondering whether everything can be managed smoothly without hiring expertise. To be fair, there are many projects for which hiring a developer is an absolute necessity. These are customized projects that need specific features, theme and layouts, and a developer brings ideas and expertise to the table. However, for small business websites, blogs and generic websites, you can manage on your own. Here are some of the things worth knowing.

Start with three important choices

A website contains files, and these files must be hosted on a server to be accessed on the internet. In short, you need a hosting plan, and there are quite a few options. Since we are talking of small business websites, we recommend that you consider shared hosting. Yes, dedicated hosting is always better, but probably works best for companies that have resource-heavy websites. Secondly, dedicated hosting is a lot more expensive, which may not fit your budget initially.

Your website also needs a name. This is what people will type in Google or on the browser to find your company. The domain name is particularly as important as the hoisting, and we recommend that you pay for it.

The choice of CMS or Content Management System also matters, and ideally, you should be using WordPress. WordPress makes it rather easy to build a website from scratch, and it takes less than a few hours to get a simple blog site ready.

Using a website builder

With website builders like Wix and Weebly, designing a website is easier than ever. You can choose a plan that works for your and can buy the domain your need, and the builder will guide you on designing the website. Most website builders have a drag N drop interface, so you can preview your website before publishing, which is a huge advantage. and GoDaddy are other options in website builders that can be considered.

Final word

Unless you need something specific or a unique design, consider designing your own website. Business website don’t have to be complicated, and as the portal expands, you can always choose to hire a company later for redesigning the website.