Friday 25 September 2020
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Bingo is Not Only for Grannies – Even You Can Enjoy It!

Bingo is Not Only for Grannies – Even You Can Enjoy It!

Grey haired grannies with their old glasses, puffing cigarettes, waiting intently for the next number to be called, holding their dabbers ready to mark their cards – that might be the typical scenario in a Bingo hall that you have in mind. Surprisingly, this is not what you would see today if you go inside one of these places.

Of course, there would no longer be smoking, since the smoking ban on enclosed areas was implemented. Plus, while you will still see old women playing the game, you will also find many players of both genders from a variety of age ranges. Studies actually show that the majority of players from all over the globe are under 50 years old. This means that more players are younger than many people might think.

The Shift to a Younger Audience

Bingo games are still among the top favourite leisure games for older people. However, companies offering these games are now also targeting younger audiences. This can be seen with their advertisements that have a more fun vibe to them. Plus, their endorsements or models also feature younger personalities, attracting more individuals in the same age group.

Older people may already be familiar with the game of Bingo. Perhaps in order to keep it alive for the next generations to experience, it’s being introduced to younger players and it seems that it’s a success, especially since those in the business have exploited the popularity of the Internet.

How has the advancement in technology helped in enticing younger players to play Bingo games? While there were always some younger players playing in Bingo halls in the past, younger individuals have begun playing the game since it became available online. Online Bingo sites also have graphics that attract a younger audience.

These sites are optimized to be used on mobile devices, making the game even more popular for mobile users, who are mostly from the younger generation. Aside from optimizing mobile sites, apps were also created that players can download on their tablets and smartphones. Players can play Bingo anytime without having to go to a Bingo hall, which is more convenient. The tickets are usually affordable, so you can play, have fun, and get the chance of winning big without risking too much money. Socializing on the web is also important for new generations and this is something that Bingo sites offer through their chat feature.

If you haven’t tried playing this game before because you had this notion that it’s uncool, boring and it’s only for old people, now you know that it is not true. Just like the many young players out there, you too could enjoy it.